Chokchimsa Creations by Christine G Momin evokes earth, flora, forest and kinship. Christine uses the abundant natural resources, which surround her – vegetables, bark, clay, wood and silk; to shape and mould, weave and dye, in traditional time tested methods. Each product in this range is handcrafted to natural finesse.

She is a repository of knowledge and living culture. Hailing from a family of art practitioners - poetry, weaving, painting, photography and fashion, her own work is interwoven with that of her family and ancestors - a relentless, ever evolving practice. She’s ever so young and spirited in her 60s as she works to find ways to revive old craft practices to ensure that nothing is lost for generations to come.

Back in the 80s when her search for just the right pot to nurture her bonsais led her nowhere, she decided to make her own and thus her journey with clay began – beginning with planters to sculpted jewellery and finely detailed miniatures of everyday objects rendered precious in wooden frames. She grew up watching her mother weave on the loom that took centre-space in the courtyard and has an inherent knowledge of warp and weft and yarn and motifs, as well as how to treat the fabric. The natural dye she uses includes extracts from plants and vegetables.

The terracotta sculptures and hand woven silk is inspired by the ancient Garo culture. From motif to shape and material to colour, they reflect the patient craft of the maker who has inherited the knowledge of her ancestors and honed her practice for decades.

With any product in this range, you are assured that the object is uniquely handcrafted and rare, as Christine moves on to create anew in her wide repertoire of skills and materials.