James Eventis Dkhar is an award winning weaver and entrepreneur. In 2018 he set up Nela Handloom, the first Flying 8 Loom Training centre in the country providing training to young weavers. He also trained a dedicated team of women weavers who work full time with him to produce a range of hand woven textile products for the domestic and export market.

His range of products include - cotton home textiles, and Eri and Mulberry silk stoles, scarves and saris.

James was a school dropout who was a local taxi driver till mid 2000 when he decided to attend a handloom-training workshop. This sparked his interest in textiles and for the next decade he went on to specialize and train further in weaving, organic dyeing methods and product diversification. Now a certified master trainer, he has presented his work and conducted training across the Northeast region and the rest of India.