The Terra collection is by the artist Arak M Sangma. Each work featured here is inspired by the artists’ Garo culture. The clay that forms the canvas for his art is collected from an ancient site in the Garo Hills, where pottery dating more than 2000 years have been found.

From working the clay, to engraving the icons that depict traditional and ritualistic objects, to the firing and framing; each stage is done unhurriedly, by hand and by listening and feeling how the material reacts to the elements.Earth, fire and air, all play a role in his creation process. Arak uses panels to tell a story in some works and in others just a single miniature ever so intricately detailed. Each work is unique and evokes a sense of earth and home with a quiet balance.

Arak M Sangma has studied fine art and is based in the Garo Hills in Meghalaya where he practices his art using different mediums. He also teaches young adults and hopes to inspire them to become artists. His work has featured in several art exhibitions.