Hues of Nature- collection featured here includes a selection of stoles and scarves made with the fabric that Daniel Syiem is most known for, and which continues to be at the heart of all his work – the Ryndia (Eri) silk, also known as Peace silk because it is produced without harming or killing the worms. It is exclusively hand spun and hand- woven by the women weavers of Ri-Bhoi district. Considered a heritage fabric, its making has been passed down from generation to generation of weavers. Each product is organically dyed in forest produce, truly bringing you a feel and sense of the forests of Meghalaya.

Daniel Syiem made his formal debut in the fashion world in 2000, with an elegant classic dress made of Ryndia, which won him the ‘North-East Best Designer Award’ and catapulted his career. His designs have since been showcased on national and international platforms, including Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai, Fashion International London Fashion Week and the Couture Fashion Week in New York, among many others.

In 2011 Daniel Syiem’s Ethnic Fashion House was established by Janessaline M Pyngrope & Daniel Syiem with a shared vision to contribute to the region by safeguarding endangered ancient arts and crafts, protecting and reviving heritage natural fabrics and to enable the legacy of weaving into another generation of artisans.