Baà & Biotic by Kriya Rynjah presents a range of unique living objects, shaped by hands that talk to the material and work in partnership with the elements. Fire, water and earth all play a role in this slow making process that requires patience, love and a deep understanding by the maker.

Kriya Rynjah lives amidst the forests of Ri Bhoi where she quietly works through the days and the seasons, meticulously treating the bamboo - cutting at just the right season, soaking them in natural ponds and ever so gently shaping it - letting it crack and expand and retract as it must, before it reaches a desired shape. Like poetry, each ‘living piece’ as she fondly refers to each creation, will live on organically reacting to the new homes they find, and in relationship with the ways in which humans will interact with it.

Each piece feels like a quiet outpouring of the gentle swaying forests of bamboo into your home. A reminder of a time and way of life when humans and the environment lived in positive balance.

Kriya is an alumna of ‘The Birmingham Institute of Art and Design’, UK. Her studies and lived knowledge of farm life with her family, both play a role in her art making philosophy. She hopes that her work will inspire people to reflect on the environment and its resources, and takes comfort in the knowledge that her work will return to the soil as nutrients in due course.