Dak_ti Craft by Rida Gatphoh and Peter Marbaniang, presents a range of handcrafted products made from natural raw material that are local to Meghalaya. Each product is ‘a handmade impression of their artistic expression’ and represents the traditional art forms of the Khasi and Jaiñtia communities. The name Dak_Ti is derived from Khasi- a language spoken in Meghalaya, that can be interpreted as- Impressions of the hand (or) To protect the hand (or) handmade.

Combining their design expertise with the communities’ fine artisanship, they work together to create a range of products that are true to tradition yet modern in design and utility. The range of products presented in this selection includes a very rare form of Black Clay,the local Bamboo and Cane.

This unique Black Clay found in Sung Valley in the Jaiñtia Hills, is known for its mineral rich properties. Thevast valley is protected by the chieftain of the community, who ensure that the clay is extracted only by these artisans in limited quantities so that the earth is always replenished. The pottery is moulded, fired, polished and finished, completely by hand without the use of a wheel. Further, the firing and natural glazerender each pattern unique. No two objects are completely alike and never will be! From cookware to serve ware there is a wide range for every use. This collection truly bring ‘mother earth’ into your home.

The Bamboo and Cane product range includes intricately woven baskets, coasters, table and place mats, as well as Moras. The patterns and attention to detail of each product, reflect painstaking work by highly skilled weavers who have mastered the art of processing and preparing the material using age old methods.

Rida and Peter, both from Shillong, spent a decade of their lives outside the state to specialize in textile and pottery design from NIFT and NID respectively. They came together as organically as the brand emerged, with shared values and vision to preserve traditions and conserve nature. Each Dak_ti product tells this story of harmony between human and earth.