Cryspil K Sangma, fondly referred to as Ambi - meaning grandmother in Garo language, is the person behind ‘Cryspil’s Creations’. She uses her skills, art and imagination to show us another, more sustainable possibility in the way in which we consume. Her beauteous and painstakingly made creations are inspired by her ancient culture and handcrafted exclusively with discarded material like old paper calendars, paper packaging, plastic and wire, along with bamboo.

Tradition meets art, meets present day design thinking and environmental consciousness in this unique range. Exquisitely handcrafted paper is cut to precision, rolled, pasted, stitched and reinforced with discarded plastic and wire along with strips of bamboo. This selection includes the ‘Sepi’ (shield) used ornamentally during Garo ritual practice and the ‘Kok’ (basket) commonly used to ferry and store goods, and a smaller version used to store seeds for planting.

The demure ever-smiling Ambi, now in her early seventies, works in her home studio in Tura, with a large window overlooking a forest of bamboo and wild foliage that surrounds her home. Her creations are displayed with pride at one end and the floor space of her bedroom is where she sits and practices her craft all day and into the night. Her products have been featured at art exhibitions and on fashion ramps across the country.

To own a ‘Cryspil’s Creation’ is in itself a rare and special find, made even more meaningful in knowing that what might have polluted, has instead been made precious.