Meghalaya – with its cotton clouds heaped just above your heads, carpets of green, rich valley floors and glistening forest glades – all enveloped in rolling mists over its dramatic cliffs, spectacular mountains and primaeval natural heritage – offers a perfect runway to launch the ‘thrill-seekers’ and ‘slow-life enthusiasts’ collectively into their most ‘utopian’ fantasies.

Morning flights in the meghalayan age

Into the Blue Sky!

With the wind in your hair and navigating the eternally captivating cloud play – scooped in all shapes and sizes- Hot Air Balloon rides provide a spectacular and gasp inducing views of Meghalaya’s untrodden outdoors and its rugged terrain. Get your heads in the clouds and soak in the spectacular sunrises from above as the top balloonists from across the world raid the Meghalayan skies and launch these Hot Air Balloon Rides at The Meghalayan Age 2020.


Glowing bright gloomy nights!

A public arena – with the massive hot air balloons tethered to the ground and open to general public -will allow its guests to mingle with the local tribal communities under the subtle night glow of these balloons and tuck into local cuisines, engage in interesting conversations and shop heirlooms from the rural and food bazaar- set up exclusively for the The Meghalyan Age 2020.



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Andrew Gregory
(United Kingdom)

Andrew has been a professional Balloon Pilot since 1994 and is also a qualified instructor pilot. He has flown for a number of commercial Balloon operations around the world, most recently with Bill Harrop’s Balloon company in South Africa. Andrew has participated in over 50 Balloon Festivals around the Globe and has also won a number of Hot Air Balloon competitions.

Balloon Name: FAR


Nitesh Pareek

From Jaipur, Rajasthan, Nitesh is one of a very few Internationally trained and licensed Indian Hot Air Balloon Pilots. Nitesh has been working in the Hot Air Ballooning industry since 2008 and his been involved in almost all Hot Air Balloon Festivals and events conducted in India. Now a fully trained commercial Balloon Pilot, Nitesh has a bright and prosperous future in the Ballooning industry in India and around the world as he now focuses on being a commercial Pilot with Sky Waltz Balloon Safari.

Balloon Name: UDI

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Edcar Vermeulen

After being a crew member for 4 years, I’ve started my pilot training and got my license in 2012. Since then, I’ve flown in Poland, Austria, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal (main land and Azores), Taiwan, India, Israel, Mexico and Malaysia. I’m sure that there a lot more to see when you’re visiting a country by flying a Hot-Air balloon. It’s a great way to directly connect to the local people and to see the real nature.

Balloon Name: EDCAR


Mees van Dijk

I am a balloonpilot and also a Thatcher.
I have my balloon pilot license since 1992 and now i have made around 2500 flights.I have flown in Frans ,Belgum, Germany, Italy , Austria, Swis , Ierland , UK , Israel, Dubai,
Taiwan, Thailand ,Vietnam , Malysia , India.

I like to make people happy to take them in my basket


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Gerrit Jan Oudenampsen

I got my pilot licence in 1992 and in 1995 I started my own Ballooning company in the Netherlands called Excellent Ballooning.

I fly on all types and sizes of balloons, special shapes, large 24 to 30 seater passenger balloons and small competition balloons. I have also travelled to many Balloon Festivals throughout Europe and also in Thailand & Kenya.

I have also represented the Netherlands for the European and World Championships in France, Hungary, Poland & Japan.

Balloon Name: DUTCHY

jan odump

Jonathan Greatrix
(United Kingdom)
Jonathan Greatrix is a British commercial pilot with experience flying all over the UK, France, Italy (north and south) Belgium, Portugal, the UAE, USA and in the Artic Circle of Finland. He flies at every opportunity and is thought to be the fastest student to pass all 10 exams, PPL and CPL, taking only 9 months. Jonathan is a team player, sociable with a great deal of experience flying in challenging conditions. He looks forward to being back in India, a country he has had a business association with for 20 years.


Yellow Mellow
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Ron van Kesteren

I‘m into ballooning for 20 years now.
Flown mostly in Europe. I name some, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Poland. In Africa I have flown in Ethiopia for two months. Last year again but only short.
I like to explore more. So i‘m excited to com to Meghalaya!

Balloon Name: EYES IN THE SKY

ran van

Doug Hoddinott
(United Kingdom)

Doug has been involved in ballooning for 28 years since the age of 4. After gaining his UK pilots licence he went on to gain his Commercial licence a few years after. Doug has flown Balloons of all shapes and sizes from a small one man balloon known as a hopper to Special Shape balloons and has flown balloons across Europe and the Middle East.

Balloon Name: KUBICEK

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WhatsApp Image 2020-02-21 at 12.46.58 PM

Adrian Held

Adrian Held began his aviation career in the Swiss Airforce on fixed wing aircraft. Later becoming an instructor for basic training and aerobatics.
In his mid-forties he developed a passion for flying Hot Air Balloons and it didn’t take long for him to start to explore the World through Ballooning.
He has flow Hot Air Balloons in the Mongolian sky, the Gobi desert,
the forests of Sri Lanka, the deserts of New Mexico, and the the steppes in Nevada USA, amongst many other exciting places around the world.

Balloon Name: YOUR JET

Adrian bhaiya
sanjay gupta

Sanjay Gupta

Sanjay started flying Hot Air Balloons at the age of 18. He successfully attained his first commercial license for Balloons in the Netherlands in 1992. He now has commercial Ballooning licenses issued by the USA, Australia, Turkey, Kenya, Dubai and Myanmar.

Originally from a corporate background, I escaped the rat race, and exchanged a 9 to 5 lifestyle to a 5 to 9 Balloonists life. After a long stint in Kenya as Chief Pilot, I moved to Dubai and flew balloons there till 2019. I now currently fly balloons in Myanmar and Europe.

Balloon Name: GOA