With the wind in your hair and navigating the eternally captivating cloud play – scooped in all shapes and sizes- Hot Air Balloon rides provide the most spectacular and gasp-inducing views of Meghalaya’s untrodden outdoors and its rugged terrain. Get your heads in the clouds and soak in the stunning sunrises from above as top balloonists from across the world raid the “Meghalayan” skies and launch these Hot Air Balloon Rides at The Meghalayan Age 2020.



Meghalaya is home to some of worlds longest cave hotspots in the world which are now accessible to those seeking the rare glimpse of these underworlds. The Meghalayan Age 2020 will host unique caving expeditions for the enthusiasts to explore the world’s longest cave systems – known for their complex maze of horizontal and vertical passages sculpted by underground waterways and home to otherworldly speleothems, ancient species, fossils, and unchartered eco-systems.



Meghalaya wants the outdoor afficianados from across the world to experience its pristine forest glades and unbridled wilderness with abandon but enconsced in modern luxury. The Meghalayan Age 2020 will host all its guests in a luxurious tented colony -fitted with the comforts of modern luxury. Lavish Linens will merge seamlessly with the lush and rustic surroundings here and allow its guests to stay in the middle of this fabled otherworldly landscapes in what is designed to be a rare Glamping experience in India.

Witness the Nature

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The Meghalayan Age Festival 2020 will also introduce visitors to ample destinations and cultural experiences – including quick trips to its crystal clear waters for river scuba diving, invigorating treks, and a glimpse of its rural life, which has set a much-needed example of sustainability and harmony with nature.

Cities in Meghalaya

Enjoy the night glow


A public arena – with massive hot air balloons tethered to the ground and open to all -will allow its guests to mingle with the locals under the subtle night glow of these balloons. Tuck into indigenous cuisines, engage in interesting conversations and shop heirlooms from the rural and food bazaar- set up exclusively for The Meghalyan Age 2020.


Learn more about the culture of the Khasis, Garos, and Jaintias – the symbolism behind their festivals and dances, the folklore that accompanies the landscapes, and the customs and lifestyles of the people. From their weaves and wares to their sounds and stories, the people of Meghalaya boast a culture that has strong roots while also embracing the contemporary.


The cuisines of Meghalaya feature a wide range of local grains, a variety of meaty dishes, and different collections of herbs and greens. Cooking methods have been passed down generations, using ingredients and tools sourced and fashioned from the natural surroundings. In addition, be ready for some heady alcoholic beverages, wild and cultivated fruits, local honey, tea and coffee, and a whole spectrum of condiments that defy the normal narrative of ‘Indian cuisine’.


Immerse yourself in life-changing interactions as you meet the people of Meghalaya, each with their distinctive dialects and way of life – yet sharing a common origin. From the stories of the Hynniew-Trep clans to the nature-friendly practices of the Garos, the people of Meghalaya have many messages to share with the world.


From the duitara and ksing to the guitar and keyboard, Meghalaya is known for its affinity to music. Enjoy a mix of the modern and the folk in one spectacular line-up. Virtuosos and poets, drummer boys and divas – the state has a rich tradition of producing legendary artists that have rocked stages worldwide. Meanwhile, the traditional music of Meghalaya continues to provide a perfect score to its cinematic terrain and unique culture

Enjoy the night glow

Winter Tales

WINTER TALES is a one of its kind initiatives envisioned by The Meghalayan Age Limited and curated by Dakti Craft to be held in Shillong. It’s a platform for unique talent and entrepreneurs from across Meghalaya to share their stories through their Food, Art, Craft and Music. It’s an opportunity for people to engage with the local creative community and feel the good vibes as they unwind and find inspiration through their work. It’s a great way to kick start the festive and holiday season and welcome the new year!


Learn the History of Meghalaya

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Mists and folklore fill the air in Meghalaya and primordial is the ordained nature here. From its wonderfully preserved traditions to its fabled tales and customs, the rugged terrain and green stretches abound in mystic narratives and centuries-old nostalgia. A place that remembers its roots – its tales and lessons can dismiss all that is ailing the urban and transport travellers to a past of myths, giants and legends.

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The Meghalayan Age – a unique tourism festival – is scheduled to take place from 7th -15th March 2020– is all set to showcase its natural and adventurous wares to the world for the very first time.

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